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Guillaume coché photographe professionnel de mariages surf plongée Quimper Bretagne

At 16 I had a grievous accident which immobilized me several months.
Then temporarily unfit to surfing, I started shooting the sessions from the beach, in Quiberon and discovered an emerging new passion.

Now frustrated at having a choice between surf & photography, Aquashot has proved being the best option to me 
: I invest in my first camera's waterhousing

Officialisation  of my new freelance photographer professional status.

Travels to Switzerland, Netherlands then Galicia succeed themselves.

And the opportunity to quit Europe for the first time,
on the way to Bali in Indonesia allowed me  over the meetings to enrich the                      gallery.                          

Creation of my new online webstore : the 


Aged 23 and now living in Quimper, I focus as much on the                       world,

as on                              and                              photography too, in apnea when the swell is milder.

I urge you to discover by yourself my                      &                          galleries                  

that best reflect the type of prestations I'm able to realize.

Don't hesitate to contact me for more détails ...

Enjoy your visit !

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